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Fatherhood on Fire

Fatherhood On Fire is here to walk with parents striving to harmonize Faith, Family, Career, and Fitness. We’re not about having it all together, but about having authentic conversations and asking tough questions of ourselves as parents. We want to Celebrate parents who inspire us. Elevate the conversation on fatherhood. And encourage men embracing their role as father.

Spread The Fire

Celebrate Other Dads

There are so many dads making the most of their fatherhood journey. At FOF we strive to celebrate dads who inspire us. If there’s a dad makes you want to be better, let them know.

Elevate The Conversation

Becoming a father changes your life. Not overnight, and in ways you, like most of us, don’t understand. Raise the conversations you have to another level. Be vulnerable about challenges your facing and ask other dads for advice. 

Encourage Your Community

Every dad feels like they’re on an island. You can do fatherhood alone. But it’s so much better for you and your family to find other fathers and mentors to walk with and encourage each other. Be the spark of encouragement in your community. 

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Life Is Short. But Is It Really?

Life is really, really long. But a lot, A LOT, of people have forced their message on us with the underlying threat of urgency. How often do you hear "life is short"? We've bought into the cult of urgency. But worse than buying into the cult of urgency. We attempt to...

No Data Discipline?

As a father you likely had the role of disciplinarian thrust upon you. But what have you done to understand youth development or discipline? We’re bombarded with data but rarely seek out data in the critical area of our childs discipline.

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